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Prophetic Word For May 2021

Updated: May 27, 2021

May will be the month of movement. For this will be the month you see the hand of God move upon the Earth. Faith Moves, Money Moves. Business Moves. Geographical Moves. Family Moves. Moving Up. Moving Out. Moving In. And Moving On. This shall be the hour you utilize your grace to establish something new. For this is the fifth month and five is the number of grace. This will be the time to bust a faith move or even watch the grace of God carry you into the next season . This is the month that you will do something that will set you up for success or failure for the rest of this year. This will be the hour God will reveal to you new ways and systems to handle what you're facing now. For the desire of the Lord is for you to succeed. Did not God command Moses to build the arch and did not God give Moses instructions? So are you on this earth, saith the Lord. For as you obey my word and my principles so shall you see restoration as I begin to rebuild and reconstruct the places in your life. For I shall sight a light on the cracks with the foundation and amend every broken piece. I shall cause dedication and recommitment to rise throughout the land. For my hand rescues and sets ablaze. My outreached hand will be your tool in this hour. therefore seek me while I may be found, hear me when I am near. Pray for the youth and the mental health of young people. Health & Safety comes before as I see the youth people in your life. For even going into the next 100 days childhood traumas will be revealed and shall be on the rise. Even adults will begin to address childhood trauma that has shaped their character. Going into the next 100 days, God says a release will find my people. Things that you've been waiting for all year will begin to be released by faith through grace moves that will move you into place for you to receive. Pray against all attack, for I see an attack that will find a beach. Be prayerful as it concerns traveling during the summer. For I even see the massive killing count expanding. Pray that every evil attack and plan against God's people be exposed. Pray that there be no crossfire or misfires as we take aim at the enemy in this season. June will be a month of new patterns, new systems, new structures, and new laws. A spike or increase in marijuana, invest. A wall street scandal or major company scandal will be made known and will cause the market to shift and people to question or second guess the integrity of the company and or its owner. pray against a hostage situation. Let this be the month you submit all your moves to God. Allow your steps to be carefully calculated by the mind of God, seek the mind of God and He will show you which move to make. Healing is coming to the land but many must realize we are still in pain. We will not be overtaken. the enemy can not have our children, family, or country. Praise Our God. (To Be Continued)

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