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There is a Couch Before The Door

Then this was what God said to me:

There is a door that no man can shut, no man can close, no man can open. For this is the door that has been eternally opened for you to see My Glory. However, my people have become lazy. My people have become distracted. As the door is already open, all you have to do is walk into such a blessing. But you have taken a seat. You have sat where so many have seated themselves. You have been weakened by the entertainment of this World. But I shall cause a dramatic entree. You will see the power of my wrath dwell before couch dwellers. You will see the glory increase upon those who would choose to kneel before the opportunities of God. I will cause a Volcano to even catch your attention, as I interrupt the plans of the corrupt. I will show you the voice that cries out of the wilderness. I will seat you in a new posture that will cause your focus to trust me. I will change the course of History as I manipulate the heart of the authorities, I have cause to rule. For even as David was elevated at the fall of dominion, I will promote you as dominion begin to fall.

People have slept on God for so long that His patience has become stretched. Many who try to enter into the gateway of Glory become distracted at the process of development, but God says I will even transform this world system to follow back the principles of God. I will even reshape the pillars of Liberty after destruction comes. Seven months into time a season of rejoicing will come as supernatural events begin to increase salvation amongst believers.

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