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Warning Against Tarot Cards

I hear from God, Not A Deck Of Cards!!!

I'm Not A Psychic, nor Tarot Reader But A Prophetic Oracle From Heaven.

For month now my spirit has been praying against this practice for year now God has been warning me of the outcome if we continue to allows the corruption of old to raise again. 

Tarot Cards can be predictable, can be manipulative, and manipulated. Similar to casting lots in the Bible, tarot cards are tools that non-prophetic or supernatural people used to get answer and understand the supernatural spiritual realm. It’s allow humans to receive a sense of divine intervention. 

What many people may not know is when you use tools like that, they have to be reset, refresh, and be prep for each session because it can sometimes carry spirits (energies) from the last session, spirits (energy) from the owner or even capture your emotions from your spirit.

As Tarot cards come more sought after so shall the spiritual realm be invaded in a unkind way. So shall you see a new industry begin to open and development dramatically. For even those in power will seek to “more control” as astrology and supernatural chemistry meets. This new practice will become a norm as people will begin to use this to determine the direct of there life. 

The Deeper you go in your personal spirituality is how you hear deeper in the spirit realm from God as well as other spirits.Spiritual work and the spirit realm can be dangerous mentally and psychically. 

Tarot Readings can be dangerous because it’s like a friend telling you what you’re going through and what you want to hear or only to confirming what’s your emotional spirit is feeling rather than providing divine insight and direction on the current situation and progressing from it. Tarot reading is dangerous because of its limited yet vague preview of what a person it going through, where they are mentally, or how they will develop going forward. The responsibility that comes with being a tarot reader is like an adult staying in their parents home - bare minimum requirements to get by.

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