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Prophecy For All Nations Worship Assembly

For I will begin to start a new era in the life of this ministry. For I will even begin to take you farther abroad say the Spirit of the Lord. And even as you develop over the next year a new business or network that will connect to television will be revealed. For I will expand the platform and make your owners of your own. For your media ministry will do something new that will sparkle great attention in the coming summer. For I shall increase the potential and productivity of this ministry. You will even hire more people to assist with production as the value of the brand and it content will increase in the coming months. the Holy Spirit also says I shall bring one up from South Texas, for I even see a new church that will be revealed as the color orange comes before me. Chicago will reward you in the coming years as the impact on young millennials is felt through a new spring initiative or campaign. I also see a new property of relocation for several leaders within the ministry. Housing or property management will become a private “put on” to the leaders in this network as profound knowledge is applied in different geographic regions. As you come to collide with the number 12 I see a trip that will be taken, and a boat that will be involved. This retreat will bring some to a new spiritual place as exposure to the unknown is discovered. Pray for the San Bernardo church as a spiritual sickness attempt to attack the health of its pastor. The church in Memphis will respond to a local attack of terror that will because city-wide gratitude. Atlanta will expand fast as the call of God on this church will break the norms. service in New York will become regular, and as you come into the fall months a new deal will be made for property and leadership. This is the season to map out the trail as you race towards a new vision. 

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