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Prophecy For The City Of Birmingham

Birmingham will thrive. For this is a city that has abandoned God but like a Phoenix raises from its ashes so shall this city. Even within the next 5 years The Image Of "there is nothing to do in Birmingham" will fade away. I have seen before me the City Of Hope being as Bright As It Sister City Atlanta Georgia. nevertheless, it has surpassed such a City. It will as well become Home to the Olympics. She will raise in her financial situation for new developers - inner developers will expand Her territory. HIS STORY will be recreated through the History that will come as Birmingham Progresses. She will be Home to New Trends And New Headquarters. For this will be a Fortress that will remember it FOUNDATION. She will walk into the times that bring about a change within politics, media, and fashion. Birmingham will be home to Presidental Candidates. Within the Next 15 years, Birmingham will financially as a result of events that will lead to this city to gain exposure. The Historical element and the generations of change, structure and leadership will resurface. The city will Gain more property and conquer another city. The will be another school that will be established in the surrounding area of Birmingham. The Politic Lights of Birmingham will shift and even begin to change the State. Most of these things I saw will take place as the year 2030 approaches. Numbers 15 and 30 came before me multiple times and each time I have seen these numbers they were in time. (15 years and 30 years) In the coming 15 years, another theme park will be talked about. UAB will Gain their football team back and once they come back they will gain a 3x Championship streak. There will be a continually silent progression for this city until 2019, 2020, & 2021 then there will be a breakthrough of epic portion. This light of this city will it the Nation like Never Before. As The City Carries the unusual Anointing and the anointing will is and will slip over for in the State. Tuscaloosa will even begin to benefit from the Great Magic City.

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