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Marijuana And America

America and Marijuana will join forces. For there will raise a time

where there will be a scientific discovery that will show that in alcohol,

marijuana and other drug contains secret substances that enables you to

tap into Secrets of The Earth. There will be an increase in studies on drugs. Marijuana will be provided to benefit Social development. Even as predicted - the American currency and exchange

will increase as a result of Selling this product. There will be new

laws that will control the distribution of the product. Also in some

way, the Government will try to make a way where it can only be founded

in stores. As the year 2021 approaches Marijuana will not be legal

across the Country. Nevertheless, it will be fairly legalized across

the south and other surprising states. As Marijuana becomes legal

there will also be another drug to raise a drug that will be inhaled

through the nose and effective the eyes supernaturally. This will be

proven as the Talk of Angels begins to Manifest More. This substance

will become commonly used and will replace substances that are

recreationally consumed. Marijuana will feed this country's mind as even

Public and More Social Events will come about to celebrate this

Relaunch of such a blissful enjoyment. This Marijuana substance will

force allies to overseas to connect with this country. Outside forces

will bring to embrace America as this substance becomes the new bread

and butter of the southwest.

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