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Controversy On The Rise

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Controversy - this next season, more specifically the summertime I see the word Controversy continuously come before my eyes. This will be a summer of Heat and Judgement. There will be major exposures in politics, entertainment, and even scientific explorations. There will be TWO new Discoveries that will come before the forefront of this County. For one scientific discovery, it will challenge the way a man looks at the creation of God in the existence of the Human body. I also foresee a sports controversy that will ROCK the Nation. There will be debates in politics concerning another MAJOR FINANCIAL CALAMITY. There are Secrets that will Be reveal from the White House. The will be a lot of middle man drama. America has become very messy. Secretly trying to bully but the Spirit of God will redeem her as the year progressive through judgment and punishment. As this summer season approaches, this would be the time to be true to thy own self. For exposures, secrets and controversy will dwell amongst the people.

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