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An American Airstrike

While I was praying, God begins to speak to me concerning the path of America. He begins to show me corruption in this world. Then I looked up and in the realm of the spirit, I saw Three Jet Styled Planes. They were directly over my head. However, they were widely spread. These planes were not normal looking plans nor jets. There were hybrid-stealth-different jets. Because of my geographic location nationally, the jet flew over Alabama, and Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. The plane looked like they entered through the Gulf Of Mexico, as though they pass the ocean side of Florida.

Now when I first hear this "Airstrike" ordeal from God. I tweeted it because I was in the emotional-spiritual-out pour mind state. Therefore I didn't settle within my spirit. Then once I begin to God reveal the intention of this attack. Although this is 2015 - this still 2015, meaning anything is bound to happen. With that being said I believe the Air Strike was Target towards Washington D.C. more specifically the White House.

This may sound crazy, and it may be. However, I don't care.! I believe that this is the time to pray for our President. For He is not just being targeted by American citizen but the power of fraudulent allies are a hand. For some reason, Russia continues to come before me For this country is sneaky. I have also seen in relation to this airstrike - The Pentagon for even a monument will be affected by this strategic plan. Pray For America & President Barack Obama.

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