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Prophecy Concerning Tyler Perry

12/20/15 5:05pm Tyler Perry will get a new experience with God the Revelation of Trangression will come before him. He will explore a pass realm of Corrrection. You will cause more people to come to God. You will change the way you portray a character (s) of either yourself or someone else. There will be a time where you will come before the media to make a confessional address. You will gain more money next year than ever before. I will cause a new vision and direction to be given to you. July will be the time of release. In August you will find a contract and an interesting merger, for you will purchase a other company. I will cause you to disconnect from more relationship and I displace and keep you busy. Almost like a tour. There will come a movie that will cause the nation to mourn and surrender to the thoughts Of God. Deliverance will come and be spread as someone connection will pass, this will be dramatic.

Even now as I write this prophecy, The Spirit of The Lord will have you to know that He will cover you in the time of Health scare. For even as member of your family has wrestled with certain disease and attacks. God will keep you. You will in the coming season see the death of a family member that will effect you majorly. This will be of a female of influence to you. The Spirit of the Lord will have you to come before a book develop as you age before the year of 2017 and even progressing into the Fall of 2018 a merger with you an another writer will be known. I will cause you to even purchase another home connected to New Orleans. There will also be Grammy nomination that shall arise after the breaks moment of a major project. This project will cause icons to reunite. I will cause you to know a new moment of grace. 202o will be a year to avoid chaos. For there will be a women to arise out of Dallas, Texas that will come for a lawsuit against you. this will even be a year that you will release a movie that will birth a new family favorite. God says you will come even to the forefront of a children show. I shall show you more. I will keep you before a humble mind. You will know that the Lord rules over your life as you receive honor from the highest office in the Land. You will be the cause of a movement with youth. Hear Now The Word Of The Lord Mr Perry, for even in the progression of months, 27 month within time you will come before romance that will be seen before mankind. Your children will come to be blessed as you will even name one son after the father figure of your life. For this is the Word of The Lord. Praise Our God.

Omarious Fann.

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