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Female R&B Singer Natalie Cole Dies, Manifestation.

Singer Natalie Cole dies at Age 65. the Word of the Lord was fulfilled before the people of Earth. I waited for a moment for this event to happen. People may have been thinking "Omarious is crazy" and I wouldn't dispute them. However God word stands.

Nevertheless I want to replay the year out with this prophetic decree. So in the begin of the year I prophesied the Word of the Lord for The Year. It was a major word that came concerning 2015. Click Here To Read The 2015 Sneak-Peek Prophecy. In this prophetic script i stated "Also a female celebrity who is big, who is growing quite popular will under a health crisis. But when she come back she will be on fire and come back slain. This will be by focus i feel like an overdose attempt." This was posted on on December 31st, 2014.

Soon after this Bobbi-Kristen Brown was hospitalized. I believe in the awakening of this as it came to the news, she fell into a coma and if I'm not mistaken due to drug related overdose. At this time She was all over the new. This was during the month of February and March. Then I being to seek God, in the midst of my prayers I heard God tell me she will soon pass away but there is also another.

As I seen this revelation from God i got concerned and even made a post on use the photo on the right. The caption under this photo was "#WordOfKnowledge :: there before me I seen the #DeathAngel as the supernatural eon passed me I seen it take a Female R&B Celebrity by the Hand and depart Into The Spirit World. I began to ask God is this women suppose to be Bobby-Kristina? Then I began to hear Him say, No she will soon pass away but there will be another. There will be a Female Celebrity who has impacted the African American community more specifically that will soon make head lines and pass away to be with God."

In the following months around the July season, Bobbi-Kristen Brown died. This was the will of God. So After this word was fulfilled, i begin to wait. God said there would be another. So i begin to seek God for insight and revelation on who this female singer may be. I prayed and waited. Even in the month of October or November Prophet Brian Carn confirmed the prophetic word. And we have never spoken before. So it was a release for me, nevertheless I waited. I prayed and believe this would would pass at the end of November. But she didn't. December came and I grow anxious, I prayed more for her and her Health. and this is the season I pray heavily against death so her pass may have been prolonged. Like Prophet Carn sound times say "If God Reveals, He Reveals to Redeem". However soon as the New Year Hit, Female R&B Singer Natalie Cole Died. She was connected to a prophet. Her death was a tragedy to rejoice. The will of God is being done.

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