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Prophecy Concerning Prophet Brian Carn

Brian Carn will come before another CD/Soundtrack release. For there will be the desire to push forth the Spirit of Worship. This CD or release will have to do in connection to music ministry. It will consist old school or remake songs. I seen him in an empty church or even a unique studio singer into a recording mic old songs of worships. This will be a number one selling product, this going forth to be nominated for a Major Award, maybe a Stella or Grammy. You will come before the White House security gate. This will be a unique moment even utterance of Praise will be seen in this entrance. For there will even be a summons or call to action. Even as you progress over time there will be a desire to purchase or gain property on an island. You will see the seaside. You will see the house on the shore sir. For God says I will even spread your voice to a new and different platform. You will gain the attention of the secular world. You will come before more, an entirely different channels. Also as i was writing the Spirit of The Lord warns of sickness that would attempt to take away your mother early. I believe this was a generational or hereditary sickness that would attempt to rise. I even pray against the infirmity of breast cancer and diabetes. This sickness will not find Brian. You will drive something different by 2020. And even as I see a black SUV you shall give this vehicle to someone.

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