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The Days Of Bombing Will Return

On Sunday August 8th, Omarious Prophesied that the days of Bombing will return. He also hashtag #BirminghamBombing #BostonBombing #WashingtonDCbombing #LAbombing to bring into similarity to what bombing events have occured and what He believes will occur.

Nevertheless it was confirmed 5 days after this prophetic tweet that there was an bomb explosion to happen in the Baghdad market place. The bombing event claim the lives of at least 36 people and injuring at least 75 more people.

This to some people may not be prophetic fulfillment. However we can come to the conclusion that this is a confirmation of the Word of God spoken through Prophet Omarious Fann. Please be in pray for the United States of America. Omarious is impressed by the Holy Spirit to believe that there will come multiple bombings that shall reach our nation. Both domestic and terrorist bombing.

Protection be with you as you are with us in agreement.

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