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Prophecy: LightsOut BlackOut

For Several Months God has been showing me signs of a black out. Even a year or two ago when I was warned of Famine. Before Ebola I wrote that God showed me a Global Black Out. Now last Saturday God reveal to me yet again that there would be a Black Out. I tweeted and said "It is as if I seen the world go black for 24 second". The Night I tweet that it was as if I was in space and Earth went Black.

For Some Reason The Spirit Of God keep repeating scene of darkness coming before the world. What even made this prophecy interesting to me that Tuesday, ​July 28th, 2015 - 3 days after my tweet about this Blackout, Prophet Brian Carn confirmed this prophesy on his conference call. So now I am even more spiritual inclined to forecast that God will send a black to this Country and even Other parts of the World.

Omarious Fann

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