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A Word for The Walls Group

For this is what The Spirit shall say unto thee... for know, thy time is not done but only just begun. As rain washes away the stain of the grass so shall I wash away the words of those that spoke against thee. I shall cause thee to know my ways in a new and unique way. Have not I’ve always been there, have not I proven myself? Have, not I created you to be trailblazers, to pioneer a new way of life. Have not you heard and read how the prophets were killed and justified in my kingdom. For this is the generation that has been birth into the earth, yet I have raised you up to transform them. To be sound unto them. For the sound in you are like the festival of Trumpets. For you are not just sounding brass but are likened to the voices of the horns that blow as the King arrives home Victorious in Battle. The seed of sound that has been placed in you I have allowed it to give you access follow the footsteps of giants while preparing you to be giants that birth giants. While many have despised the small things I shall use the simplest of the smallest of things to navigate your heart to follow my will. As slaves, you shall be eternally entangled in my ways. For what was once seen as immature shall be known to be premature as I cultivate the character of those coming behind you. And even though they shall say 'they're no more. They are finished'. As Ezekiel spoke into dry bones so shall I cause my Word to find you. For thy work is not complete. Eyes have not seen the glory I have still prepared for you and you have yet to reach. Likened into a widow who has lost her husband but finds new love, so shall you be. For there is more to be seen and ye I say unto you there is more. For the voices of Zyon shall cause the nation to know a new sound. A new reward shall be given unto thee. Greater awards shall be granted unto thee. For this is the time to learn a new lesson and prepare to blaze a new trail. For you will pioneer new sounds and begin to individual unity the people. For even your name shall be likened unto the walls of Nehemiah. For you are not just musicals and artists but the orchestrators - prince and princess of the principalities over the sound waves of this earth. Four. North. East. South. West. Winter; Spring. Summer. Fall. Four Horsemen. A shift in the airwaves shall come by thee. For I have given you to be gatekeepers of the ears. Even a greater level of television exposure shall find thee. I shall cause thee to make sounds collide as secular and sacred has collaborated to create a new wave into a path...

To Be Continued...

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