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Post Prophecy - South Carolina Shot Walter Scott

Recently to surprise to Nation New is the South Carolina shooting case. Where a white police officer (Michael T. Slager) in North Charleston shot a Black male (Walter Scott) as He was fled the scene of a routine traffic stop. This is a current and developing story as of right now. Nevertheless, I could no longer wait to release God's Opinion on This matter.

Now for weeks, God has been planning this and other killing events. In my earlier writing approximately three weeks ago, I reported the manifestation of an event where a man being killed on His Property. At the beginning Of the Year God said, Watch for a Man who will be killed on His front lawn, For once this situation takes place there will be a dramatic shift in the Nation and their reproach to these types of situations. Well just as sure God lives the fulfillment of this Prophetic word came to pass, and now the shift in the Country is manifesting. Former Police Officer Michael Slager is currently incarcerated on charges for murder in South Carolina. Although this case is still developing, once again, I believe this will have a shocking outcome.

There have been multiple witnesses to come forth and testify to the shooting that took place on April 4th, 2015. Of course, the operator of the camera that filmed the original video that surfaced about Scott's death has said that He now fears the Charleston police force because He came forth, and expose the incident. Along with another witness who says she saw the event from the time we see the second surfaced video of the traffic stop between Mr. Scott And Mr. Slager. This second witness says that her very own son has always fallen victim to Charleston traffic stops and harassment.

However, I would like to issue the decree that the shift has now come. God said that this case will be interesting. The First thing God was showing me that there will be a court case that will be major on television. Also, I saw Cities rioting, Again. In a vision, I begin to hear the Spirit on the insight of what is to come. The Spirit Of Wisdom instructed me to inform and warn those who read this that If Michael Slager is not found guilty, enemies - major enemies will be made. I believe that the Spirit of The Lord was warning me that the Civil War of America, A War that will take place upon the streets of America will begin here. For the spirit of Violence has already been unleashed in this country, but I hear God saying Justice Shall Come. America - Please Listen to The Voice Of God, It's not about hiding or exposing your flaws because God sees it all, the true test of this Earth is progressing Through Life with that Flaws. America Is Messy And Don't Want To Confess But I hear God. He will reign forever. His will be done.

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