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The Priest Of This Present Day

Two Years Ago When I Was Deep Within the Spirit of God, He Spoke To And Revealed That The Priest - The Position That Was Given, To Shepherd, Has Been Abandon. God said That I Wrote Specifically said "The Priest Of This Present Day Has Let Down Their Arms In Battle and the enemy of violence and rebellion has begun to rule & take control." (I also remember having the vision of Moses holding his Arms up in The Battle of the Amalekites) When I initially saw this, He was showing me that Moses' arms were falling and that Violence & Rebellious would begin to show up in this country.

Today as I was riding from Noon day church service I was stopped by a funeral precession. While impatiently waiting for this long line of cars and policeman to finally drive off I became to pray. As I prayed for them I begin to wonder in my spirit about the person that died. I was led to believe -it could've been a preacher's funeral. As that thought swiftly entered and faded away, I was led to remember this two year old prophetic utterance. They the Spirit of God begin to speak and the Word of The Lord was:

DEATH IS COMING! Nothing to Fear Nevertheless God says Time Is Up for Many Leading Disciples. There has been a breach in the Members of Mankind. God Says There will Be A Mass Wipe Out Of A Generation. Now Moses Died not being able to go into the Promised Land but able to look over into it. While some say those In The Generation That Came Out of Egypt Died Within Those 40 Year & A New Generation Walked Into That Promise. Well That In Fact Is What I believe The Lord was showing Me.

A Generational Shift is Taking Place Where There Will Be A Generation to Died So That The Greater Glory of A Newer Promise Will Manifest. God is saying it is time of the development of Kaleb.! It's Interesting That He said That because I know A Kaleb. And The Kaleb I Know is just like me. However Kaleb and I couldn't dwell in the same environment. Not that we had a problem with each other. We we're very similar and manifested some of the same spirits. HOWEVER, God had to remove me from an atmosphere just because Kaleb now had to shift into that atmosphere. Paradigm Shift is Coming to Major Platforms.

- Corporate Executives Will Begin to Change.

- New & Improved Businesses and Ministries Will Begin To Manifest. (Churches Will Fall; even physically destroyed & New Ministries Will Be Built)

- Major Spokesman & Preachers Over Spiritual Establishments Are About to Die. (Political Leaders, Major Pastors, Company Leaders Are About To Die, Members Will Scatter & God Will LIFT UP NEW LEADERS) - Major Company Names Will Begin to Change As A Result Of Newly Found Theories From Arising Kaleb's. (Imagines, Brands, Entity Energy Will Change As A Result Of God's New Message To Earth)

- The Spirit Of Violence & Rebellious Is In America. (Fighting, Shooting, Killings, Even Citizens Joining the Enemy; like ISIS)

- America's Spirit Is Acting Out A Result of A Disconnected Relationship BUT RESTORATION IS COMING FOR THERE IS A GENERATION. The Leaders Of American Has Lett down There Arms & NOW American Is Letting Down their Leaders!

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