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Dead For A Woman Leader (Manifestation)

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

On the 11th of December 2020, Prophet Omarious prophesied the death of a powerful female leader that shall soon come and this shall be a sign in the earth concerning the feminist movement and female leadership shift in the land. Approximately, one week later on December 18th, 2020 - Bishop Iona Locke heavenly transition was announced via social media. Following the death of this preaching trailblazer, nearly three weeks later on January 5th, social media released another trailblazer transition. Sister Duranice Page, was member of the Anointed Pace Sister, a pioneer and the ultimate comeback kid in the gospel industry. Shortly, after her transition we received the shocking news that the mother of all mothers, the acting legend, the black female's epitome of an actress - Ms. Cicely Tyson was pronounced as deceased on Jan 28th 2021. While many people may not have known of Bishop Locke, or have been impacted by Sister Pace, nor have seen all of Ms. Tyson's movies. These ladies have been trailblazer not only to females everywhere but also to the black community as inspirations to us all in some type of way. Within a months times, we've witnessed three female leaders transition back to back. As Prophet Fann stated in the full video this will be a sign to the feminist movement and leadership.

Cicely Tyson Deads At 96


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