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DCYoungFly Prophecy

This Prophecy is different from most. Most Times I do Personal Prophecy They are some hidden. This One was one that Touched me Deeply. I wasnt gonna even posted it until one of my newly found friends encouraged me to do so. Nevertheless, this is dedicated to this incredible guy right there. I wrote a prophecy about Him 2 weeks ago like around the first week of December to be exact I think it was on the 4th. Like I said personal prophecies aren't always done openly but when I saw the manifestation I kinda had to post it. Because It's good for the world to see but it's not for the world exactly its for Him. And although He hasn't seen it God is Real. Now I'm not usually one to follow many people and care about their situations but after I seen this guy's picture on Instagram I got a strange feeling of greatness, decide to follow him and more. I'm usually one to get excited about God speaking but this wasn't the case until I saw the manifestation. This was quite funny to me because like two or three days after I follow guy and sent him this message on Instagram via DM; he bought His Mother A Car.! Now to many people that may not be much of something to you, but to see him do that touched me deeper. It also was confirmation for me that God is real and that he speaks. I don't know this guy from adam but I pray and believe that God has an Unbelieve Greatness For Him And this is just the tip of the Spear. This shows me 100% percent because it's not about me BUT it's about showing the world that God cares about all of us and wants to know us all. I love being able to speak to people about themselves and what God has in store for them. My Generation perishes for a lack of knowledge and in a world where everybody is looking back, but God has a few folks that can look ahead of the times and tell His people that They Have Purpose and A Future. I just want to be one of them.

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