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Prophetic Update: #AmericanAirstrike

Boy Ole Boy. Isn't it funny how God works. Ugh, I need so much more accuracy, discernment, and anointing for the thing that are coming. But anyway so y'all who pay attention to me know that at the end of July, I prophesied about an #AmericanAirStrike. Click Here to read about the American Air Strike Prophecy. Now in this current hour I would not say that the prophecy was fulfilled or was a miss. All I can say is that it was confirmed. How can I say that? Well simple.

In my original posting, I talked about how Russia continues to appear in my spirit in relation to this airstrike I seen. Well now recently as of Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 - The Russians launched their first Air strike on Syria, with Syria being in relation to ISIS. That airstrike also cause trouble with surrounding countries due to airspace invasion. Nevertheless it gets interesting to see that shorty after that America 'accidentally' airstrikes a hospital in Afghan, injuring several Americans and foreigners. Now as a result of this accident some country have spoken this to be an act of potential "War Crime". And we know that if one country accuses another country of an Act of War that is ground to retaliate.

Now with that being said, I personally have been praying against the "SPIRIT OF RETALIATION" for several months now, because that is something that has always gotten me in trouble. Having to response or doing something back when someone does something to me. Retaliation. This is a spirit that many people and countries have. And this very spirit is what I believe may cause a potential "World War III".

The prophecy spoke about America, I still stand on. I would not say it was a miss prophecy or has it been fulfilled. Why? Because I believe what I saw and prophecied was an Airstrike on America, which could very well be next. Pray for America as it enters the February Month. Also even as I write now, the spirit instructs prayer for the concerns of Korea, for their involvement maybe detrimental, even China will have something to say. Pray.

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