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The Hidden Season

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Today, i want to pick up in our series with the topic "The hidden season". We have been in a series entitled ROOTED, where we are discussing being deeply embedded in God and how our roots play a major role in the relationship we have with him. Nevertheless as we continue this series and get closer to the Fall season I believe God is tell us that “the season to be hidden” is upon us. While many of us may stand in leadership roles, public figure positions, or maybe you just have a big following - it may be hard to step away from certain platfoms and missed events or engagements. However, I believe now is the time for many of us to take advance of the calm wind before the storm. Lay low and see the hands of God move as I would say if I was biblical character.

As we discussed in our previously lessons, branches can only be as strong as the roots but how do you ensure the strength of the roots? I’m so glad you asked. The secret is “your hidden season.” As your are planted and being to take form, notice your roots will grow down before they grow up. We called that maturation. However, we have to understand that the season of sowing is followed by a season of hiding. And before you get the wrong perspective, I don’t mean hiding as in fear but rather to evolve. As a seed or when your sowing a seed it is very important that the seed goes through a season of hiding. Three points and I’m done. Point number one - the Purpose of your Hidden Season is the Protect the seed. When God is protecting something or someone He hides them. (Exodus 33:22) Why does the seed need protecting - because it’s danger. Seeds are a sign of life, offspring, or something coming after. I told you before seeds can be anything and if you learn how to use a seed it can become dangerous. So number one God has to take you through a hidden season because you’re dangerous. Your Potential to Produce is a threat to those who are not producing.

Point number two - the Purpose of your Hidden Season is to Prepare you. In order for God to properly get you ready for where you’re going He has to do it in secret. He hides the seed to mature it. While everyone thinks you’re buried you’re just hidden in process. Notice, after Joseph received the promise from God in hidden he begins to interpret the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker. Preparation allow you to gain the necessary allies and resources to survive or even gain the next level. Often times so many of us miss the next goal because we skip the part of the process where we are hidden in a huddle to prepare for the next play! Number God hides is to process us. Point number three and I’m out - The Purpose of your Hidden Season is to Plant you. Plant can be defined as a noun and a verb. However as a verb it mean it place or fix in a specific position or local, or to place (seed, bulb, or plants) in the ground so they can grow. Your hidden season to put your in a place or position of grow. In order for God to grow you, you have to be planted in a place and position of growth. Because it's in that place you're connected to the skills, resources, and knowledge that you need to grow. Notice Psalm 1:3 says "He that is planted by the rivers of water." When God places you around certain people, who are a resource, it’s not to drown you but grow you. Your seed is planted by a riverbank to it does have to DEPEND on rain or someone elses water. Not said having someone else water you up does feel good, but our desire isn't to grow a dependence of need someone elses water! Our hidden season teaches us lessons our palm tree season can’t. For people with dreadlocs, you probably can relate, that ugly hidden stage where you keep a hat on taught you to appreciate having your hair done and knowing how to put on a scarf without messing your new retwist. I read one post that said it like this “your valley season can teach you lesson the mountain top can’t.” Can you agree with that? I can admit i learn lesson in secret that I'm do glad i learn in secret that will carry me through life. Thank God for your hidden season. When you they notice you’re more quiet at the office, or you’ve been posting less on social media - just tell them this my season of hiding. Then when they say what are you hiding from tell them nothing. God is just planting, protecting, and preparing me for the next big play.

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