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Prophetic Manifesto (Zimbabwe)

Nov 3rd, 2017 - I Release The Prophetic Word God Gave Me For November...

*rarely do I publicly prophesy about general things God is showing me, only a few times in the year will I give public prophecies* It was Prophesied- • “Prayer has been solicited heavily for a Future Wednesday.” • “There is also a plan for another national leader to be separated from power, this leader is in another country.” CNN report Updated 1:25 PM ET, Wed November 22, 2017 - “Zimbabwe's military seized control of state institutions early Wednesday Nov 15th and placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest.” "Zimbabwe's former vice president has returned to the country to serve as interim President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is scheduled to be sworn in on Friday." •Prophetic Update & Insight• It was also prophecies "There will also be an discussion on war in this region for even a call to crackdown on domestic terror will revealed." - In quotes "as we age into the end of the year figures will be appointed and chopped off. For even the campaign to weaken domestic threats will soon begin. For even a call to remove the issues of domestic threat will heighten. Even as the action of dismissal will begin to grow. Many will call him a threat to domestic peace as a major attempt to attack power will be revealed in an explosion. The days of bombing will return." Pray for the protection of the prophets as more insight and prophecies are revealed, we fear that governing official will attempt to seize our very influence. Click The Link Below to View The Original Prophetic Email...

Click Here To Read The Official Article that Broke This News.

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