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Major Riot Prophecy Manifested

On April 14th, 2020 at 7:18 pm, Prophet Omarious Fann prophetically tweeted “I see a major riot in the streets of across.” Within 45 days the manifestation of the prophetic utterance has arrived. While we are saddened over the death of George Floyd, we will remain strengthen, wisdom, and continue to pray for not only his family but that in Minneapolis. This is a true tragedy and what has transpired as a result isn’t sometimes we hoped for. On the other hands, Gods Word is sure and always working for a better purpose. Although the nation is still trying to maintain hope, bounce back, and recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are faced will a domestic issue that further divides us. As a Prophetic Leader, who is known for seeing these event before they occur I can only ponder on what do we do to be more proactive to prevent of better the direction of the future. Martin Lither King Jr. said “A Riot is the language of the unheard.” Therefore I sympathize with the pain of the unheard protesters whose cry has echoed through generations. Nevertheless, I conflicted by the burden of preach truth. Why do we continue to cry out towards the injustice in the street without dealing with the injustice with our own home and personal communities. No one can justify a riot, but someone can speak up for those who can never be heard. Leaders must be more proactive, connected, and compassionate to our charge and responsibility. Similar to preventing an act of terror, it starts with assessing your threat and right out the only threat we face is the fear of each other. As we move forward pray for unified faith amongst our nation.

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