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Prophetic Fulfillment: #AnotherMissingPlane

On August 12th, as I was walking down the street in front of my house and suddenly an airplane flew over my head. As I looked up at this plane, the Holy Spirit told me that another airplane would go missing. At first I paid no attention to this random prophetic utterance and continued my journey. However later on that night as I was on my first porch praying to God, He sent another plane directly over my head. Immediately upon hearing and seeing this plane the Holy Ghost jumped upon me again and said there will be another plane that will go missing again very soon.

Now lately when the Spirit has been speaking to me I've been trying more and more to keep up with the prophetic decrees. Therefore when I hear this prophecy in my spirit again, I tweeted it at 1:05 am that next morning or what was still night to me. After I released this word I let it go and didn't think back on it. Then Sunday morning, August 16th around about 5 am or 8 something in the morning CNN release an alert on their app, said that an Indonesian plane with 54 passengers was reportedly "gone off radar and was officially marked as missing." At that moment it didn't standout in my spirit at all, until I got up for church. As I attend service that morning, I received another alert from the CNN app said "the Indonesian plane that was missing was spotted by some villagers and it had crashed into a mountain". At this point did it really leap in my spirit that God has just send a plane would go missing. I felt convicted because I've always heard "when God reveals, He wants to deal" meaning I could've prayed against such an event. when I tweeted this prophecy I didn't know that three day after this Word was released it would happen. However it was a lesson to me. When God speaks a prophecy, always try to go deeper and deal with the matter at hand. To be honest when I prophesy, it just that a prophecy, that I believe is automatically destined to happened. Nevertheless the more I prophecy about tragic event it begins to effect my spirit. Pray for Me, believe. One day I could prophesy something dramatic over your life and if I don't have the discipline to effectively try to change it - it would be as though I am contributing to such madness. Pray For Me.


Omarious Fann

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