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  • There will be more police kills and different results as they come, majority of them will piss the African American Community off. Nevertheless these killing will not continue the to have the same outcome for long. For there has be a killing of a black male that will take place on his own property and this will be the begin of a shift. This movement shall be to the ignorant for they shall be awake to new levels of God's Majesty Wisdom and Plans.  These Boys Deaths will not be in vein. 26 More that will make Nation New excluding the large amount of  that won't get to make it to the nation or local news.

  • I seen a major telecommunication company (I believe it was a cell phone company, not gonna mention the company but i think i have been contracted their brand) closing its business. Almost as though is was going to be portrayed as bankruptcy. But it shall be more to the scheme/story that shall be revealed to society.

  • This is one that God confirm with me through a great guy who i founded this year and I really look up too. Nevertheless there will be a major concern for Obama's Health this year. Lowkey i think it was like two different events I seen. to bee 100% i feel like somebody will try to kill him this year but it wont be the "old famous way" of

        assassination . The other concern for his health I seen was a internal thing that shall take place. This will have nothing to do with the nation but this will be a result of His relation with God.

  • So another one I got this year was the prices of milk will rapidly and spike to a usual price then usual drop in price dramatically.

  • Weather wise, (lol) this year the year of the usual, the graceful, and spontaneous. Therefore this season that we are in of course will overflow to the New Year. BUT I felt something unique i one feel a "Christmas in July" like the weather that most geographical location got this year it will either carry over until the summer or will manifest itself again. Like December weather in the summer.

  • Oh So Me. I feel that Next Year I will Experience Rapid Elevation. I fell that by the Summer I will or should be doing something like being on tour. that kinda it for right now. lol

       (Pepsi Funk Fest Tour, The LEGO Americana RoadShow, Target & Unilever College Tailgate Tour )


  • Ooooooo i got this one the other day, Next Year I see Homo-sexual artist and particular rapper coming out . I don't wanna say how many but it ain't gonna just be two famous hip-hop and r&b celebrities. Also More Celebrity Marriages that will prove to be successful, shockingly. !Homosexual-artist-coming-out/cinn


  • Also a female celebrity who is big, who is growing quite popular will under a health crisis. But when she come back she will be on fire and come back slain. This will be by focus i feel like an overdose attempt.!Prophetic-Fulfilment-BobbiKristina/cinn/55b98e8e0cf267673a7e1a97


  • Hollywood is gonna piss of intelligent people off for simply playing too much. Hollywood will begin to talk too much but from much of this talk it will be a signs from God. Hollywood will become a Holy Mecca for God's words. God is about to speak to certain remnants of people in this year through the media industry but this will be for the good. A lot of it will be strange and usual and insult a lot of Religions folks but whatever.

  • The Body of Christ or the church will begin to evolve more this year as churches with real power and the true prophetic will rise out of the blue and then there are a few major and small churches that will closed continuously started by one major one that close in February.

  • A few individuals I want to touch on: L.I.T a music group that is from Birmingham, Alabama will rise to higher heights if they manage to gain control of their one dream. I see them Literally blowing up but this will only be the development in this year. For 2015 shall be a year that God establishes them firmly and spreads them wide enough to handle the treasure God has gifted them.

  • Stahr Milan shall start a new business for he shall gain more from what he will come to lose this year. Almost like God is gonna do something to test you and when he pass a awesome reward shall be handed down. His congregation will grown dramatically and travels will start. (BTW he not  LITERALLY pastor but a pastor, a nourisher, a provider and Shepard in the spirit.)

  • Soooo yup that's it. Of Course There Are More To Come By For Now

  • To Be Continued...

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