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The Prophet

 Omarious Fann received the gift of the Holy Spirit in 2009, one December night in Clarksville, Tennessee. Known as Orenthal at that time, he had gone through a season of tremendous challenges. Nevertheless, these series of events led to this night where he ministered a sermon to his mom that was intended to be taught in Indianapolis, Indiana the week before. Nevertheless, being rejected from the engagement, he preached this message to his mom. That night, they began to worship and thank Jesus then suddenly Omarious began to pray, prophesy and speak in other tongues. 


 Following that night Omarious was then lead to seek God like never before, fasting and praying, staying up late nights watching preachers on Youtube and other platforms to discover the voice of God. Omarious was obsessed with God and His supernatural power. At the age of 17, Omarious began traveling prophesying and preaching the Word of God. However that didn't last but for a few years, then he decided to give up on ministry and church. Omarious said, "Being behind the scene of church ministry having the gift that I have, it so easy for God to show you who is real and who is not." Therefore due to several disappointments in church, he walked away from ministry.

 Then in 2013, OJ discovered God in a whole new way. God began to stir up his gift and Omarious had the desire like never before to prophesy, not to church folks but to the people he saw every day; His Generation. As He attended college Omarious faced many more challenges and discovered himself in many ways especially the unlocking of God's gift and calling in Him. In 2013 Omarious went into a season of transition and isolation in which he called His Annual Sabbatical. After Omarious emerged victoriously he then was charged with new responsibilities and given new ideas and vision to help him keep the course. 

 Omarious is gifted with Miracles, Prophecy, Words of Knowledge & Wisdom, along with many other talents and as a result of his life-altering events, Omarious Fann birthed a new ministry. The Omarious Fann Foundation is dedicated to restoring faith and spiritual sight to the people of God using his gifts, talents, and resources.


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