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The Producer

Omarious Fann the producer is a man that is considered to be a regular person in the entertainment world. He isn't just any producer of music, television, movies, and life-altering events. He believes that whatever God allows him to connect with and produce is LIFESTYLE ALTERING. As a producer, Omarious commits to producing and supporting anything that God shows him to prosper. He searches and seeks different individuals, places, organizations, and events to connect with to enhance secretly manifest productivity. As he continues to progress in age and status Mr. Fann will begin to produce and manifest more and more independently and with the Limitless Alliance. He believes that just because God has gifted him with the ability to see as a prophet He will take it upon himself to make manifestation on the earth as the king. Omarious envisions producing things such as College tours or more youthful, annual, and cultural events to produce a better generation. Omarious believe in producing the next Nobel Peace Prize Winner or producing entertainment that will make way for and produce better individuals with awesome dreams that can be manifested into a reality. 



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