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Prophetic Post For December

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

In the Black Church they "deliver" you from your public problems (homosexuality... Drugs...) but neglect to Heal the Brokenness (Rejection... Envy... Lust )of Your Heart.

Ya preachers got delivered from having sex with the Same-Sex but now they greedy with a 5,000 weekly salary.

Ya minister got over the Unforgiveness from their parents who weren't there but now they're disconnected from people because of their inability to trust

He/She loves God with all of their heart but feels they can never be the Man or Women of God they desire to become of the wrestling dichotomy of self. However, if they hide their problems long enough and get married (an amen corner) then he/she becomes a candidate of being an anointed Person being used by God.

But When We See A Person Transparent enough to EXPRESS THEIR LOVE & DESIRE FOR GOD, TO DO His WILL BUT SMOKE OR CURSE we call it the devil, not anointed or socially/mentally remove their spiritual authority.

But i could've sworn it was Jesus that picked a SINNER to Be His APOSTLE.

I could've sworn it was Jesus that say "It isn't a Health man that needs a doctor but a sick one"

We kill the sinner before he can become a saint.

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