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A Prophecy For President Barack Obama

I will turn your heart to my beat. You I'll understand the order that I have sat in place. For you have been petty in my delegation. For the intellect that I have seated you before - you have forsaken the strategic wisdom of God. As you turn to My voice then I will bring you daughter's heart back to subjection. Then you will hearken to the Voice of the angel of the Lord to clear the debris of distractions. Six weeks into time you will begin to concern a fear of your health. For there will be signs of God that I am still Lord. You will travel into a new foreign. Country for resources will be founded. You will begin to see yourself away from Home, away from the White House more. I shall displace you in this season of epic direction for as men are after you, they will now overtake you. I will bring new faces before you. The newest of intelligence will arise as you learn of the world untapped power. For I will bring stranger men into your presence. You will overcome the fear of bridges. You will overcome the fear of reaching a certain mental paradigm height. You'll get so high on a mental and emotional high then get disappointed, raged and fear will begin to seek you. However in the Name of JESUS I pray against such a force. You will see sickness as well as avoid a worse sickness. You will dance across the battlefield of temptation. God says remember your assets to the assignment. Remember your divine assignment. Three years into time you will spend vacation in a Chinese resort. You will also enjoy the pleasure of Canadian cultural. Nine days into time you will release a notice. I see an announcement. Unto the voice of zion you will seek help. the Clarion call will become a major. I will surrender your wife's heart to a new area of finance. She will begin to develop within her the ability to perceive my move as it regard Congress. I will impress upon her apropheticdecree. She will create another book. I will cause a nation to reinvest their hope and joy within you. I shall create within you a new method of expression. You will be working on re-creating a visionary imagery change within your personal persona. Six months into times if you return to the heart of God so shall the re-positive reposition take place within your Kingdom. As David  has led with knowledge, and Solomon with Wisdom. Continue to reign within humility as those you are only who you are because of what I place on and around you. For there are problems that even God won't fix and money can't fix until you surrender.

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