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A Prophecy For Vice President- Elect Kamala Harris

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I Looked, I Saw, And I Watched in the Realm of the Spirit The World Turn To Your Voice. For you have come before a great hour in your life and now this way I shall say to thee. This is the hour to know the greater grace of God that shall cover you in this divine season of your life. For you have not sent the arrows that I will protect thee from as they come for tooths and nails. this will be a season you shall relate unto David as thy enemy will increase and surround thee. This will be the time they shall say "she is too halt. she is too outspoken, she needs to wait her turn." For the first man has yielded to the desires of the second man in a first man position. For you shall empower his voice. you shall know new ranks in leadership as you begin to uproot old antics. For this shall be the battle of your life even as a family member or a member of the family underlying health issue will become a major issue going into the next four years. For even as you transition into power so shall you see another transition before your time is up. History will know your victory as your proclaim the name of Christ even in the Oval Office. You will come into a surreal experience and know divine guidance as favor outcome rescues the nation when things seem to darken. Cover thyself in prayer and build those around you on the faith, vision, and belief that you have, for courage, truth, and hope are to come. For even as I see you in the realm of the Spirit now, I see a Queen on a chessboard that possesses the power of the King. This is my hour of mourning for the time that shall but while as it arises so shall we join the unity of your faith and leadership to build a better nation. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the country shall rise and ride high upon the soaring wings of eagles. You shall blaze the trail for women of all kinds and restore self-respect and confidence to girls and women of all ages. The test of submission shall you pass and the grace to rule and reign shall you teach in the future. be not dismayed by the arrows that come in the daylight nor the fire that arise a night for in secret has you find limitless support. Royal support. Cultural support. And a new circle of influence that will empower you for years to come. You will make major moves for Texas, Alabama, Indiana, and you shall even pioneer a new law. God Bless You, Your Family, And the United States Of America... TO BE CONTINUED.

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