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Are You Connected To A Prophet?

Are You A Prophetic Partner?

Why Not? Did you know that when you become a prophetic partner you place The Prophet in a more comfortable position to minister to you and thousands around the world. The bible says 1 Corinthians 14:24 "if an unbeliever or uninstructed person comes to you while someone is prophesying, he will hear God's Words, be convicted and called to account by all, (25) and the secrets of his heart will be revealed. So he will fall face down and worship God, proclaiming, “God is truly among you!” Well that's what Omarious does everyday. He prophesy consistently, ministering the Word so that someone's life will be changed. Being A Prophetic Partner mean YOU ARE SERVED FIRST. You Are Priority. He Prophesy Directly To You First. He seeks God for you everyday and writes about you as much as God would speak.

Each prophecy takes at least 30 minutes to one hour to effectively write and compose for you. Each day prophet receives at least five new prophecy request to answer with two or three being international believer request. With all those request along with staying in tuned to the prophetic to detect and warn those of you who are connect; it can be time consuming and overwhelming for prophet. Therefore it is our job here at The Limitless Alliance - a partner with Prophet Omarious to ensure that he is well take care of to effective execute the duties of his office. As a partner, when Omarious is in need of inspiration, motivation or help in any way; it our job to step in. He stays before God talking about us, praying on our behalf, writing prophecies and changing the dynamics of life to ensuring that God is working in our favor. So why not.?

Did you know the prophet was the first government job? Omarious is trying his best to be the Prophet that God called and created him to be. Nevertheless we have to get people back accustom to the authenticity of God's power in the Prophet. For example in 1 Samuel 9:5-10 Saul's father sent him and his servant to retrieve a donkey, but for the life of them - they couldn't find one. So the servant suggested seeking out or inquiring of the prophet near them. Like one who seeks a doctor if they were sick but Saul said no because he had no offering or gift to give the prophet. The servant says in the eighth verse "i have a quarter of a shekel that we can give the prophet that he made tell us what way to take."

When the judge say no, the prophet can overturn the decision. When the bills are behind and the creditors are coming, the prophet is able to give you the solution or instruction you on how to resolve the situation. When doctors say you have "xyz" the prophet is able to change the diagnose. The prophet has more authority and influence than the president. This sounds good, right? But it only works when you connect to the Prophet. If the prophet was still apart of the government it would be called taxes. On the other hand your monthly partnership to the prophet acts as supernatural insurance. Therefore you are priority members and have with the assurance to receive whatever you need because you made the choice to connect with a prophet.

Becoming a prophetic partner also gives you access. You receive exclusive emails. You receive secret prophecies about the world before they know it. Each day prophet calls your name in prayer to see if there is something lurking in the spirit realm. The prophet's connection with you will be so strong that he can warn you days and weeks in advance of troubles or blessings. Once a month you will receive a prophetic call from Prophet Omarious. It's is never on the same day, for it is spoke to his heart to call when God needs. There's so much more that come with being connected to a prophet. It's like having access to the power of the government.

The Limitless Alliance

Omarious Fann Foundation.

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