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Prophecy For the Month of June 2016

Now see the moment of new harvest. For God is calling us higher. For this will be the hour of great temptation and even the spirit of anger, jealousy, and envy will be hidden throughout the land. But fear not for they that love God will be protected. This will be the time to focus the mind and ground thyself in direction. This will be the time to replenish the ground to receive the harvest of Fall. Behold the beauty of my delegation as I eliminated the enemy before a carefully calculated plan to expose. I shall show thee lands a new earthquake and a new storm by tide. Prosperity shall find my people in this hour. Promotion will become the primary focus of their agenda. An unity will find their leaders as one comes to end His life. Build your hope on this which is eternal for that is The Word of God. See now the season of discontentment with your connection, for God will be shifting, positioning, and aligning. Be not dismayed for the removal of relationships and friendships. Nevertheless come before God in a period of prayer and be sure to come to a clean life, for I see virus that would come possibly to headlines.

-Omarious Fann.

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