Thank You So Much For Your Gift

Hey friend, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to donate into this organization. It's is an honor to have people helping us raise money that will not only bless the lives of other individuals, but will aid us in teaching and prophesying to believers around the world. Often times, as a non-profit organization, we are asked - who funds our events, projects, campaigns and more; and without a second thought all we are able to say is - God provides.  This is my ministry operates not from government funding but from the gifts of believers around the world. Every meal Omarious eats, every prophecy we send, and every seed we sow is a result of someone sowing into this vision. Therefore, how could we not take the time to honor you because without you or our faithful monthly partners, we could not operate ministry as effective as we do. 


Three Simply Ways to Give...


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